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Bais Elazar - R' Levy (3 dryvers)

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Campaign Goal: $360,000

Total Raised: $351,265


3 Dryvers in this team.

“The weather is magnificent, the Shabbos afternoon is so long, let’s put the little ones into the stroller and visit Zeidy and Bubby, They’ll be so happy to see us”. Said and done. They’re off on their way.

Hey, hold on, it’s Shabbos, are we allowed to push a stroller? 

Of course! There’s an Eruv…

Is the Eruv kosher? Was it inspected? Of course it is... But who does it, and how? 

Did you ever stop for a second to think what kind of network of dedicated people and the tremendous amounts of resources it takes to maintain the kashruth of an Eruv?

We all take the Eruv for granted, but let’s think for a second. In order to maintain the kashruth of an Eruv, the Eruv must be inspected from end to end on a weekly basis.

This does not happen on its own. It requires a massive operation of 50+ Bodkim who check the entire length of the Eruv every single week, five maintenance volunteers equipped with all necessary tools and equipment, who get alerted if there are any repairs necessary, and a back office which coordinates all of these efforts.

A major component of the Eruv Maintenance, one we cannot function without, is the bucket trucks, these trucks are vital to install and fix the צורות הפתח on the utility poles. However after months of spending more time in the repair shop than on the road, our last bucket truck was pronounced dead. 

The Rockland Eruv is in crisis mode. We urgently have to purchase two new bucket trucks in order to be able to maintain you Eruv.

We therefore launched this urgent campaign, and we urge every Jewish resident of Rockland County to come to the rescue of their Eruv, and help us purchase the new trucks.

Since the Daf Yomi is approaching the Siyum of Maseches Shabbos, and the commencement of Maseches Eiruvin, we will be offering as a token of appreciation a choice of complimentary Seforim on Maseches Eiruvin to every donor of $180 or more. See details at donation page.

Rockland Eruv

Tax ID: 57-1200577

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Campaign Goal: $360,000

Total Raised: $351,265


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