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Dear Friend,

It is hard to think of a greater, more urgent cause than making sure that your neighbors with cancer get the best treatment possible, without worry or delay.

That’s why I am joining Yidden in various communities to make sure that RCCS can continue serving cancer patients in their area uninterrupted. It costs RCCS over $12.4 million a year to cover insurance premiums, provide medical referrals and support, and other crucial services for cancer patients. These services literally make the difference in the level and speed of care they receive – and ultimately their chances of survival.

Due to the Coronavirus lockdown, RCCS needed to cancel many of its annual fundraising events and drives and is facing a large budget gap that threatens its ability to continue providing all the lifesaving services that the patients rely on, day to day.

Please help me reach my goal, so that RCCS’s services should not chas v’shalom be disrupted. In the merit of your generous support, may Hashem bless you and your family with great health and an abundance of nachas and parnassah!

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This Dryver is part of "Team Friends of RCCS" team

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Comments: U r amazing

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2 days ago

In Honor of Refua Shelama Shlomo Yackov ben Sara Rivka

In Memory of Thank you for all that you do!

Adina Krausz


2 days ago

Comments: In honor of Mrs. Melamed, our most extraordinary friend and role model

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