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Campaign Goal: $2,000,000

Total Raised: $251,054


A Mikvah is more than just an important part of Jewish life. A Mikvah IS Jewish life. It is the reason for our very existence.

Just a few short years ago, a few families moved out to Toms River and opened one of the first shuls in the neighborhood. It did not take long for the fledgling minyan to explode into a vibrant Kehillah, with over 1,000 families today! B"H we have several shuls and multiple minyanim every day in order to cater to the growing needs of the community.

A cornerstone in Yiddishkeit, a Mikvah is the most important edifice that could be constructed. It is the essence of the Jewish people, the most critical component of Jewish existence. The Chofetz Chaim proclaims that the construction of a Mikvah takes precedence over building a shul or even purchasing a Sefer Torah! 

We are planning on building the first Mikvah in Toms River under the leadership of our esteemed Rav, R' Moshe Rotberg. The idea is bold, but we know that with your help we will Be'ezras Hashem reach our goal and complete the project. Rabbi Rotberg's reputation speaks for itself, as many people in our shul can attest. Mispallelim walk for miles every Shabbos just to be able to come and daven in our Shul. His connection to every single member of our Kehillah has created a community where we are one family. His shiurim are legendary, inspiring us constantly to learn and grow. Our shul boasts daily shiurim, daf yomi, minyamin, as well as a N'shei so that every member of the community is connected. 

Be part of this monumental endeavor! It is a tremendous zchus to be part of building a Mikvah. May the Zchus of your support bring forth brachos and yeshuos for your entire family.

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Yossi & Bylu Schwimmer


27 days ago

Comments: לזכות רפוײש יעקב נפתלי בן אסתר מלכה

Avi Feigenbaum


1 month ago

Berel Frost


2 months ago

Comments: You go Yossi!

David Polatseck


2 months ago

Ben Glancz


2 months ago

Comments: K'minyin "Mikvah"

Campaign Goal: $2,000,000

Total Raised: $251,054


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