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Original Goal: $400,000

Bonus Goal: $500,000

Total Raised: $448,306


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Nine years ago on Shabbos Parashas Toldos, a new star illuminated the Ridge neighborhood in Lakewood with the founding of Bais Medrash Tiferes Pinchos, under the leadership of the renowned talmid chacham and posek, Rosh Chaburah in Bais Medrash Govoha, Harav Boruch Mordechai Spiegel, shlita. As one of the first heimishe shuls in the neighborhood, it quickly became a center of Torah and tefillah and a spiritual magnet for residents of the area, who were eager to take advantage of the many opportunities for growth in ruchniyus.

Part of the uniqueness of the shul is the warm davening with a real “chassidishe bren” and the inclusive atmosphere where every mispallel feels welcome. The Rav’s tremendous breadth of knowledge is well known, as is his dedication to every mispallel and unyielding efforts to help each individual in every way possible.

The shul’s popularity has rapidly increased. People flock from all the surrounding areas to be a part of this incredible kehillah and to participate in the shiurim and sedarim. Bais Medrash Tiferes Pinchos has become the crown jewel of the Ridge area.

The small basement that housed the shul since its founding has been significantly outgrown and the need for a spacious, permanent home for the shul has become readily apparent. The mispallelim have joined efforts to erect a fitting home for such a prestigious makom tefillah and turn it into a prominent kehillah.

With much siyatta diShmaya, a lot was acquired and construction began in full swing. The shell was erected, wiring, plumbing, and HVAC roughing were completed, and the bais medrash is now nearing completion. With mounting enthusiasm, all are eagerly anticipating the day when the building will be inaugurated as the kehillah’s new home.

The shul, when completed, will be a magnificent addition to the Lakewood landscape, and will be of tremendous benefit to scores of Yidden on a daily basis. It will include a beautiful, spacious bais medrash with a fully stocked otzar hasefarim, as well as a mikveh and many other amenities for the advantage of the community.

We therefore appeal to Klal Yisroel from near and far: Please take part in the completion of this impressive undertaking and contribute generously. Help us build up an entire community with the grand opening of this new shul and earn the inestimable zechus of the Torah and tefillah that defines this beautiful landmark bais medrash.


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Cong Tiferes Pinchos
234 East 5th St. Lakewood NJ 08701
Tax ID 47-1184079

This Dryver is part of "מתפללי בית מדרשינו" team

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6 days ago

Mordechi Ort


14 days ago

Original Goal: $400,000

Bonus Goal: $500,000

Total Raised: $448,306



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